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Closed Loop Hollow Rotary Actuator

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CS Type Closed Loop Stepper Motor Hollow Rotary Actuators

The CS type of GIGAGER Hollow Rotary Actuator is a line of products that combine a high rigidity hollow rotary table with a dedicated closed loop stepper motor and driver package. It retains the ease of use of a stepper motor, while also allowing for highly accurate positioning of large inertia loads.

• Integrated actuator and stepper motor makes design easier

• Large-diameter hollow output table

• Stepper motor provides excellent performance

• High precision

• Agile responsiveness

• Stability at low speeds

• Tuning-free

• High torque output

• Simple setting

• Pulse Input, 4-digit display, 4-digit function button type driver

1. What is the Hollow Rotary Actuator?

The Hollow Rotary Actuator is a brand-new kind of rotating load device packed with motor and driver. Incorporating high transmission efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, and high cost performance, it combines the advantages of the servo motor, cam indexer and DD motor, obtaining a balance between these three products.

With high-precision gear structure and radial bearings, torque and rigidity improved, the loading become more stable. It can make segments at any angle with servo motor or stepping motor, which can meet the digit control that the cam indexer cannot achieve. The positioning accuracy is comparable with the direct drive motor which can realize the positioning of the inertia load in a short time.

2. What is the product features of CS type Hollow Rotary Actuator?

• Improve Reliability and Reduce Cost Through Direct Connections

The equipment table and robot arm can be directly mounted on the output table of Hollow Rotary Actuator. It can save the time and cost for mechanical design, parts allocation, belt debugging, etc., which compared with the use of mechanical parts such as pulleys and belt.

• Ideal Alternative to DD Motor and Cam Indexer

GIGAGER Hollow Rotary Actuator takes the advantages of servo motor, cam indexer and DD motor, making the indexing at any angle and high performance.

• High Precision Positioning without Backlash

Non-backlash, repetitive positioning accuracy up to ±5 arc seconds, positioning accuracy ≦ 2 arc min.

Note: The repetitive positioning accuracy is measured at a constant temperature (normal temperature) under a constant load.

 Large Diameter Hollow Structure Makes Wiring and Piping Possible

Wiring and piping are more convenient and simple, and the advantages of this feature are particularly prominent in complicated wiring and piping environments.

3. System Configuration of CS type Hollow Rotary Actuator

Configuration of CS type Hollow Rotary Actuator

Standard Configuration

Optional Accessories


Hollow Rotary Table × 1 set

1 Motor Trunk × 1 pcs (2.5M)


Closed Loop Stepper Motor × 1 set

2 Encoder Trunk × 1 pcs (2.5M)


Driver for CS Stepping Motor × 1 set

3 I/O Control Line × 1 pcs (1M)


Drive port connector × 4 pcs


Sensor Plate × 1 set


Aviation plug × 2 pcs


Photoelectric sensor × 1 set




Sensor Bracket × 1 set

4. How Many Model Are Available?


Bearing Type

Frame Size

Gear Ratio

Permissible Torque

Permissible Speed

Permissible Moment of Inertia Load


Cross Roller Bearing

85 mm (3.35 in.)


3.2 N.m

160 rpm (table)

10 N.m


Cross Roller Bearing

130 mm (5.12 in.)


20 N.m

120 rpm (table)

50 N.m


Cross Roller Bearing

200 mm (7.87 in.)


50 N.m

100 rpm (table)

100 N.m


Tapered Roller Bearing

60 mm (2.36 in.)


4.9 N.m

300 rpm (table)

5 N.m

For more details, please refer to attached Catalogue. (download the PDF in this page)

5. What Type of Device Could Use the Hollow Rotary Actuator?

The Hollow Rotary Table could be applied for many application like CNC Indexing Device, Rotating Stage, Military Radar, Laser Marking Machine, Gyro Test, Gravity Sensor Test, Electronic Compass Test of mobile phone and other precise electronic product. It also can used for robot arm joints, automation production line, testing device, laser cutting, etc.


Demo Video Link:

a. Demo for Gyro Test

b. Demo for the 4th Axis or 5th Axis

For more video, please click GIGAGER Youtube Channel:

6. How to Select the Right Model for My Device?

Basically, we need the following information, please submit to our technical sales.

a, What’s the weight of loading? Dimension? Irregular object or regular object?

b, Stage material: Steel or Aluminum, or_________, Outer Diameter=______mm, Thickness=_______mm

c, How many Segmentation? Or how is the motion?

d, Each tour duration=Rotating time + Positioning time, _________Second =  ________+_________Seconds

e, Fixture weight: ____________kg/pcs

f, Photo, drawing or more info about your device

Our engineer shall advice the suitable model as per your requirement.

For more info of model selection of Hollow Rotary Actuator, please refer to the Model Selection Pages in Catalogue.

7. How to Install the Hollow Rotary Actuator?

Please refer to the Catalogue or contact our technical sales.

8. Why choose GIGAGER?

9. FAQ

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